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4 month baby sudden increase in pooing!

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perfectpanda Wed 11-Oct-17 20:45:26

Ds is 4 months. He had always pooed around once a day, if that. He is EBF. But for the last 4 days he has gone to pooing with most feeds, reckon he must have pooed about 8 times today. Nappies are a normal colour, not particularly runny although hard to say as it's always runny .. I mentioned it to HV when I had him weighed and she said to see the GP if still the same this week. But he is otherwise completely well , and I just wondered if it's a teeth thing. Had anyone else noticed this? I can speak to gp but can't see what they will do if he is otherwise well .

pemberleypearl Tue 17-Oct-17 22:47:49

My DD, also 4 months is also looking more frequently the last few days and tonight has had a few really watery poos. I've had to change her twice! I just don't feel right about it so have decided to call 111 in the morning. She doesn't have a fever so I don't think she's got an infection but still - just don't understand why this could be. It could be teething but HV last week wasn't helpful. Think 111 are more likely to help, or GO is they advise. Have you thought about phoning 111? Your baby is otherwise well but you're bothered about it - like me. My GP reassured me that I could bring baby if I have any concerns or just feel unsure.

perfectpanda Thu 19-Oct-17 18:19:39

I ended up speaking to the gp earlier this week. She was reassuring as he is well but did arrange for a specimen. And she asked to get him weighed again. He's still pooing loads.... hope your baby is ok.

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