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Toddler vomiting

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Polly08 Wed 11-Oct-17 20:23:00


I wondered if anyone has come across a similar problem to this... since May my 16 month old has had vomiting episodes every few weeks. The first time we thought it was a bug as we all caught it, then again in July. We then had nothing until early September and since then it has been at least every two weeks.

Sometimes she will vomit everywhere and seem fine in herself but if we feed her normal food too soon the cycle starts again and she will be sick (I.e. Anything other than plain food with no milk within 48 hours).

Last week we were fairly sure she had a bug but this week she's been sick again and isn't showing any symptoms of having a bug.

The doctors have agreed now to refer her to a paediatrician but it could take months and I'm wondering if I've missed anything in the meantime?

She's having gaviscon powder but that isn't helping as the vomiting episodes are still occurring. I've tried keeping a food diary but nothing is standing out as consistently causing her problems.

Any help or advice from people who have experienced something similar would be appreciated. My main concern is her health but it is starting to get us down as it means she's missing so much nursery and we are having to take time off work to care for her almost every other week.

flutterby77 Wed 11-Oct-17 22:10:39

My daughter went through something similar but it did end after a number of regular vomiting episodes each a few weeks apart. I put it down to a bug in the end. I was starting to worry and do some research - could it be something like cyclic vomiting syndrome or abdominal migraine? The regularity seems to suggest something more than a bug but you never know! Referral to a paediatrician is a good idea and keeping a diary also to explain the episodes and the context.

bigfatbumfreak Wed 11-Oct-17 22:12:27

Where do you keep toothbrushes...? Are they away from hand washing areas?

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