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HV's help or hindrance?

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rperrina Tue 10-Oct-17 21:53:48

My son is now just over 6 months. He was a month prem and is quite small (on the 2nd percentile)

The last 2 times I’ve had him weighed the HV has had something to say about how I’m feeding him. He’s never been a big eater which doesn’t help. So I kept a track of what he was having for a week. It consisted of purées along with his milk. I was feeding him every 2hrs ish.
HV said that’s probs too much as he will always be full.

Today, I go and he’s lost a bit of weight. Now apparently I’m not feeding him enough milk. He’s got a cough so she said go the doctors to rule out anything medical.

Honestly, I feel like I can’t do right for doing wrong. I can’t have an opinion on my sons health/well-being without someone questioning it is I find I’m constantly worried, second guessing everything and questioning myself and what I feed him.

I’m told not to force feed him but feed him the hell do I do that. I honestly feel like I can’t use my own judgement and be an actual mum with her own instincts.

Sorry everyone, rant over and nothing against HV’s they do a great job but sometimes parents need to be able to sort things out with their own judgement and not be confused with percentile lines and weight!

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