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Strange rash

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Gilliancollins78 Thu 05-Oct-17 21:31:40

Hi, my littlest girl has a strange rash on one oh her legs. It looks a bit like poor circulation but it is there all the time...has anyone seen anything like it?

Gilliancollins78 Sat 07-Oct-17 03:06:30

Took her to the doctor today. He didn't know either so he had taken some pictures to send to local hospital for their opinion. The rash is under the skin and doesn't go away with pressure.

Pinkbedsheets Sat 07-Oct-17 03:32:10

Birthmark? How long has it been there

Gilliancollins78 Sat 07-Oct-17 07:45:55

Appeared a few weeks ago but is spreading

Missmiller Sat 07-Oct-17 08:32:15

I would guess at a birth mark too my nephew has something similar but was born with it

shewolfmum Sat 07-Oct-17 17:46:57

Is child happy and feeling well? I would want this investigated urgently

Gilliancollins78 Sat 07-Oct-17 22:34:04

She is well and happy 14 month old. The only recent thing is she is drinking loads! Doctor said it doesn't look like a normal childhood ailment so he took pictures to send to dermatology. Don't think it is a birthmark.

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