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Twin tummy troubles... do we need a GO?

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Starwhisperer Thu 05-Oct-17 17:35:29

My babies are 6 weeks old and formula fed.

Both seem to be quite constipated and are going a couple of days between poos and then they only go after a lot of tummy massaging and leg wiggling. When it finally happens it's in huge amounts. They seem to be uncomfortable and are disturbing themselves in the night when they have to pass gas. There is a lot of crying that doesn't seem to have a reason with back arching too.

Twin 1 has mustard yellow stools, twin 2 has gone a kind of khaki green colour.

Twin 1 also seems to be excessively pukey to me. She can be sick 2 hours after her feed despite being held upright and carefully winded throughout feeding.

They are also very snuffly and sneezy but I don't know if this has anything to do with anything! Both, despite a very slow start, are now putting on weight well.

When I last saw the HV I mentioned how they seemed to be struggling a bit but she just berated me for giving up breast feeding rather than giving advice as to what to do for their constipation (I understand BF babies don't get constipated, I didn't have this issue with my son, but feeding 2 babies with tongue ties was driving me to distraction)

Anyway to see the GP my husband will have to take a day off as I'm not cleared to drive yet and so indent want to go to be told this is just normal/ carry on as I am so I was wondering if anyone had any similar experiences?


Starwhisperer Thu 05-Oct-17 17:36:08

Argh GP not GO!

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