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DD has no sense of smell - what to do?

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MamOfTwo Wed 12-Jul-17 21:40:34

I'm starting to suspect my six year old has no sense of smell. I have 'tested' her with various things and she claims she can't smell anything. I wouldn't say she sounds particularly 'bunged up' and she hasn't had any ENT problems of note. Will probably take her to GP but how will they check and what can they do? Anybody had a similar situation?

ragged Wed 12-Jul-17 22:02:05

Lots of people! We are normal. I don't know why. We all seem to taste things fine. We = me & other people like me I have talked to about this. There's been research on people with poor olfactory bulbs or somesuch.

I've much better smell senses as an adult than as a kid; I can only remember 2 smells from childhood. I used to think folk were playing tricks on me when they asked me to smell stuff. tbh, being able to smell stuff very well is a pain (I have had a few phases of that problem). The world stinks, doesn't it? Diesel fumes bother my eyes a lot nowadays yet most people seem to not notice them at all. confused

Friend can change the most foul nappy without stress.

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