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Teething, it can't be that bad, right?

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BlueberryBear2603 Fri 07-Jul-17 12:58:26

So really I just wanted to know what everyone's experiences have been with their children teething.
I have 2 Daughters and DD2 is teething ATM, but she also has a cold, I just can't work out what is the teething and what is the cold?! Both DC have been so different!

DD1 was not really bothered by teething at all. She might have woken up an extra time or two during the night but basically she used to get a bit red in the face and suddenly there would be more teeth. No crying, no fuss all pretty straight forward really. She got them all quite early as well.

DD2 on the other hand is clingy, crying, hot, sick, holding her face, up all night. Like I say she has got a cold as well ATM but I've taken her to the doctors twice with it due to a temperature and her ears, throat, chest etc are all clear.
You can see the teeth under the gums in a few places and people have said a lot (not all) of her symptoms might be down to teething. But really? Can teething be that bad??
She is 10 months old and so far only has three teeth, all on the bottom, and they all came through at the same time. She was very upset and clingy at that point as well.

Luckymummy22 Fri 07-Jul-17 19:07:11

I found my 2nd did not deal with teething nearly as well as my 1st. He also was poorly a lot more, often around the time he was teething badly.
All kids are different and they all tolerate pain differently x

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