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3 year old needing ultrasound under neck

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BettyWahair Fri 30-Jun-17 10:02:17

Hiya, my 3 year old has a big lump in the middle of his neck which they think is a Thyroglossal cyst. He has been referred for an ultrasound but as He didn't even let the dr touch it I am sure he will resist the ultrasound completely. Anyone have any tips or comforting stories? Will we have to hold him down?

Crazylou Fri 30-Jun-17 22:46:57

Not sure about neck, but my two year old had to get X-ray on chest and I had to try hold him down on the bed for it even though he was rather upset but it had to be done, they gave me an option of him standing to get it done with me standing behind him but he was even scared off that,

Mum4MrA Fri 30-Jun-17 23:04:40

Hi Betty, The best thing to do is to get him to play with his favourite toys and pretend to do an ultrasound scan on the toy. Take the toy with you to appointment, and ask the person doing the scan to demonstrate it on the toy 1st. They are usually used to dealing with young children. Even talking about having a scan when you are pregnant can make it less scary, especially if you have a scan photo!
Get Well Soon has some good tips, and has episodes on going to hospital, but unfortunately not on ultrasounds. There is probably something on YouTube you can watch together. Or find a book at the library.
Take some bribes with you, try to relax and keep calm yourself as kids are great at picking up on parental anxiety. Good luck! flowers

RoseVase2010 Fri 30-Jun-17 23:08:00

Ask the hospital what they plan to do. DS needed stitches in his chin earlier in the year (similar age) and they knocked him out as it would have been unsafe to have him a wake due to non-compliance.

They have EXCELLENT facilities in place to make their jobs easier, ipads with games on and really clearly explains (in toddler terms) guides as to what was happening.

MrsMulder Fri 30-Jun-17 23:22:29

In our hospital they have a projector on the ceiling and use lots of distraction to get neck ultrasounds. Presumably they are well used to doing them on young children and will probably have a lot of tricks up their sleeve! If not, I would take an I pad or something to hold above him so he can watch it/ play on it.

BettyWahair Sat 01-Jul-17 16:29:52

Thank you all so much, will try and do some prep with him, the teddy idea is a really good one! Am sure they are used to interesting toddler behaviour and hopefully he will be so awed that distractions work!
Thanks again for all the help x

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