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Anyone up? 8 month old just vomited in his sleep... and has stayed asleep. I'm worried!

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Differentnamefornow Mon 26-Jun-17 02:01:22

My baby sleeps in a cot next to me and I heard a slightly strange sound and looked over and could feel (and smell) vomit. He's fast asleep! He just vomited in his sleep. I moved him and cleaned it up, it's on his sleep sack a little bit.

Woke up DH and he said to let DC sleep. I'm so worried!

DC doesn't have a fever. But his sleepsuit still has some smelly vomit on it.

What should I do? Wake him? I am so worried!

Differentnamefornow Mon 26-Jun-17 02:12:38


refred Mon 26-Jun-17 02:28:02

I would leave him tbh and put him to sleep on his side in case it happens again. Then just keep an eye on him.

I had a very vomity first baby that did this a lot and it was fine. He'll wake if he's not feeling well.

Phillipa12 Mon 26-Jun-17 03:22:32

Two of mine did this as babies, infact they still do it know at age 3 and 2, he will be fine, just keep an eye.

Differentnamefornow Mon 26-Jun-17 04:51:45

Thank you! That's reassuring. I cleaned him up a bit and brought him in my bed. He's been sick a few more times but all pretty much while he sleeps! Is now having a breastfeed.
Wow I'm going to be exhausted today after this completely sleepless night for me!

DownUdderer Mon 26-Jun-17 05:15:10

My little one did this at a similar age but he vomited all over me while we were camping. Fun times!!! Not.

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