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Can't get ill daughter to eat or take her milk.

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LauNinethree Sat 24-Jun-17 12:29:56

Hi guys, just looking for some advice. Long story, 2 months ago took daughter to doctors 4 seperate occasions and they finally found she had a red throat and prescribed amoxicillin. 3 days in oyt pops a rash, stoppes medicine as they put it down to a penicillin allergy. This means she didbt finish the course of antibiotics and threw up most of the previous doses.

I knew she still wasnt right so again after going to the doctors 6 times!!!! They finally told ne she had a red throat and red ear and said it was viral so didn't want to give her anything cause she'd fight it off. I argued that if her body was going to fight it off, it would have by now so they prescribed a new antibiotic.

Her temp is reaching close to 39 and although im struggling to give her any paracetamol as she keeps throwing it up, she is taking a little bit to bring it down. Same issue again with her antibiotics. She is drinking plenty of water, which is good. Am just a little concerned as i cant get her to eat or drink any milk and if she does she is often sick. I'm not worried abour dehydration as she's drinking ao much water but just feel so bad because her little belly is rumbling and it keeps waking her up when all she wants to do is sleep atm. Any suggestions guys? She's 9 months old. Thanks in advance x

GOASTT Sat 24-Jun-17 12:39:42

Try paracetamol supositories if she can't keep it down, but really it sounds like you might need to go to A&E - you don't say how long it's been going on for?

LauNinethree Sat 24-Jun-17 12:43:35

Have phoned 111 numerous times about her temp and we saw a doctor yesterday who simply said we need to wait for the antibiotics to work. Kind of lost my faith in the NHS atm haha but she started to get poorly 2 months ago with the throat eased off after the few days of amoxicillin but started to get ill again Wednesday night, saw doctor on Thursday and started antibiotics and saw another doctor yesterday x

Witchend Sun 25-Jun-17 23:09:58

If she's being sick then milks not the best idea. Water is better, or rehydration salts, give them to her about 5ml at a time every 5 minutes.

Hope she's feeling better now.

Wayfarersonbaby Sun 25-Jun-17 23:30:03

Sounds like it could be something new - could it be a tummy virus like rotavirus? Be vigilant during the next few hours, and if temp goes up any more or she displays any other worrying signs (limpness, cold hands and feet, extreme pallor, clamminess) get down to A&E. Try giving any calpol very very slowly into her cheek with the syringe.

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