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Does Piriton syrup make children act possessed?

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naomi83mother Sun 18-Jun-17 06:08:31

My daughter age 3 has bad hayfever. I've tried Loradatine but it's not worked too well. The pharmacy has now given me Piriton to try on her, but every time I google it I read LOTS of horror stories of children acting hyper and naughty. Anyone else got any experience of this? X

bruffin Sun 18-Jun-17 06:13:15

Ds 21 has a lot of allergies since he was little and it wasnt a problem. Antibiitics were another storysmile

hazeyjane Sun 18-Jun-17 06:14:39

None of mine have, if anything it makes them sleepy. I have heard that in some children it can have the opposite effect though.

As an antihistamine it works much faster and has better results than the others.

Gunpowder Sun 18-Jun-17 06:15:08

I think most children it makes sleepy and that's supposed to be the side effect. It's a tiny amount of DC who react the other way but it's rare. They prob all just post about it in horror!

naomi83mother Sun 18-Jun-17 06:37:51

Thanks guys. We have lots of activities planned today, if I give it her is she just gonna be too drowsy and want to sleep all day?

Iamthemotherofdragons Sun 18-Jun-17 06:40:40

My four year old is taking piriton for hayfever at the moment. I find it's not until she's had the third dose of the day that she starts to feel drowsy. But I don't know if it's different for everyone.

Pastaagain78 Sun 18-Jun-17 06:42:58

Have you been to the doctor? The GP said they don't recommend piriton now and prescribed a different antihistamine.

WhatwouldRuthdo Sun 18-Jun-17 06:57:21

Yes! Well, for my DS anyway. Used it twice (on Drs recommendation) and he was bouncing off of the walls. No sign of the drowsiness that the doctor told us to expect, quite the opposite.

picklemepopcorn Sun 18-Jun-17 06:57:30

My son gets very bad tempered on cetirizine. I'm not sure what the brand name is, but the packet always has the generic name on somewhere.

It's not going to spoil your day. She may be a bit more relaxed. In the unlikely event she's one which gets hyped up, she'll burn it off on activities. That said, sometimes it's better to just stay in on high pollen days.

Eminado Sun 18-Jun-17 06:59:47

Piriton made my niece absolutely crazy. I will never ever forget it - she was up for 21 hours straight 🙆🏾.

Good luck!

Nyancat Sun 18-Jun-17 07:05:12

DD took it no problem and was sleepy with it. DS on the other hand was like a child possessed!! I almost filmed him spinning in circles at 3am.

Trying it during the day first is probably wise!

Witchend Sun 18-Jun-17 10:13:22

Dd1 it makes fall asleep
Dd2 gets no reaction
Ds goes hyper-however the boots own one is fine.

Unfortunately ds is the one who really needs it.

JennyTaylior Sun 18-Jun-17 10:27:09

First dose was ok and made her sleep, but second and subsequent, OMFG! Never again,

naomi83mother Sun 18-Jun-17 10:39:54

Thanks guys. Gave her dose at 7:30 as experiment and now she is running round house and climbing on everything and can't keep still, it's like i gave her 10 red bulls!

MimsyBorogroves Sun 18-Jun-17 10:41:57

My DS, now 9, has had it since around 4. It never used to do anything to him. It now makes him sleepy and bad tempered.

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