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4 year old broken foot - cast?

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Bailey86 Tue 13-Jun-17 22:56:37

Hi all,
Can anyone tell me what sort of cast would be put on a child that would be a full weight bearing cast? My son fractured one of his metatarsals 12 days ago, initially it was diagnosed as a sprain and then the fracture was missed on the X-ray. He's still not able to walk as he says it hurts, so a cast was suggested today to go on tomorrow for 3 weeks. Can anyone explain what they would put on him? The doctor said he will be able to walk and run on it but it says plaster. Do I need to make some sort of allowance for him walking outside if it needs to stay dry? Thanks in advance!

MrsBadger Wed 14-Jun-17 13:44:04

It sounds like it'll be a fibreglass weight bearing one - even that will need to stay dry though. Ask for a boot/sandal thing at the fracture clinic, and get onto Limbo for a waterproof thing so he can have a bath, and they do a Sealskinz waterproof sock thing to go over it outdoors too.

Bailey86 Wed 14-Jun-17 13:53:39

Thank you, that's really helpful

Moreisnnogedag Wed 14-Jun-17 17:37:09

He may get a soft cast with a shoe - it's a type of plaster that can get wet.

Bailey86 Wed 14-Jun-17 18:24:43

He's got a fibreglass cast on and given him a little boot thing aswell, I'm assuming he can walk around without the boot on too though

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