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Advice & Experience from Mums of Children with Epilepsy

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cep5 Fri 09-Jun-17 00:27:17

Hello everyone!

My own mom used to own nurseries and, when I asked her where to go for this research, she recommended I go nowhere other than Mumsnet, so here I am.

I am researching a marketing assignment for a growing company which produces wearable technology specifically for people with epilepsy. The technology is small, comfortable and reads small physiological signs on the wearer to make a log of tremors or seizures which happen throughout the day, all of which are logged on its downloadable smartphone app, and, if it detects a dangerous level of activity, it automatically alerts an emergency contact (a parent, for a child) to reduce the amount of time before first action is made.

My assignment is to look into promoting and spreading awareness of this technology to mums and their children and I was wondering if you could help me with a few questions? smile

- Does your child currently wear a medical alert band or something similar? Was there any resistance to wearing it? If so, how did you overcome this?
- Does wearing said band or technology reveal a stigma at school or with friends?
- Is there any technology or epilepsy-related product which has changed your child's life significantly enough that you would recommend it to others? If so, how did you come across this product?
- And lastly, for anyone who is a skeptic of technology such as this, why would that be? What would help your concerns?

If you have a couple minutes free, I'd be incredibly grateful if I could get your thoughts - this technology is new, seeks to put a parent's mind at ease and we're looking into the best ways to make it more accessible and known smile

Thank you!

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