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School with Broken Arm

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Luckymummy22 Sun 04-Jun-17 19:18:41

My 5 year old (reception) fractured her elbow a few days ago. She has a nice big cast on it.
How do things work with schools and breaks? She's back on Tuesday and I'm not the type to keep her off school. I also want her to be able to participate in as many activities as possible, go outside at lunch etc. I know she can't do PE but want her to be able to do Forest School and go on her school trip. Just worrying that Health and Safety might prevent this. I'll contact the school tomorrow as it's a TED day so will give them advance notice. But will they help her with things she may help with - e.g. Carrying lunch, get clothes changed if needed? Also stressing about her going to toilet. She's been asking us to help her a lot more although I am encouraging her to sort herself out more and more. I don't think they will give her pain relief if she needs it? Probably stressing about nothing but I've never broke a bone before so it's all new to me.

Cantchooseaname Sun 04-Jun-17 19:21:13

We would give pain relief it it was prescribed - i.e. In a bottle with chemist label with her name and dose to be given. Not a mainstream school though. We certainly had kids in with broken limbs- just did risk assessment.
Hope she feels better soon.

Lostmyemailaddress Sun 04-Jun-17 19:26:15

My ds3 broke his wrist in school last year and had pins and a cast. They helped him with things like putting his coat on and they relaxed the uniform policy so he was allowed to wear anything in school colours so he could do gentle pe ie no climbing but dance or jogging.

They also let him and a friend go a bit earlier for lunch with a member of staff to help carry his tray and playtime depended on how he felt so there were times if it hurt he could stay in. Medicine I had to go in and give it him but I timed it so it was when I was picking up my dd2 from nursery but after a week or so he didn't need it very often.
I hope your dd feels better soon. flowers

AuntieStella Sun 04-Jun-17 19:31:51

One of my Dc was in a cast at primary school.

His friends took it in turns to be his assigned buddy eg helping with carrying etc, and taking in turns to sit out with him on activities he could not do. Which proved to be remarkably few, as he was tearing round like his usual self in no time.

The only thing he wa barred from was PE, but he stood with the teacher and got a chance to learn how to referee.

And although the school was usually nit receptive to requests to administer calpol (because they thought it masked DC who were actually too ill/potentially infectious to be in school) they were happy to administer (with a parental consent form) following a serious injury which might still be sore but did nit in itself require time off school.

Luckymummy22 Sun 04-Jun-17 19:57:12

That sounds promising! Hope her school will be as helpful. I'm not sure if she will need pain relief or not. We've been giving it mainly before bed and if she says her arm is sore. Think we may go at lunch if needed for the 1st week. But not keen to overuse pain relief. Trying to build up her confidence a bit as she is a very active little girl and want her to remain so as much as possible while she heals. Hoping we will be able to get her summer dresses on. If needed will slit them at the arm so she can wear them.
Feeling a bit better now. X

Milliways Sun 04-Jun-17 22:01:55

Lots of broken arms at out Primary. DS had 9 weeks in a full leg cast and they only stated the teachers would refuse to help with toilet, but a friend could hold the door for him. He was year 4. As it was he never used the loo at school, just hung on until he came home! He sat in a wheelchair at his desk as kept him safer, but could hobble around on crutches as needed. I was more worried when the cast was off but he kept his crutches for several weeks.

AuntieStella Thu 08-Jun-17 12:21:05

How's it going?

Luckymummy22 Mon 12-Jun-17 20:15:34

She's doing well. School have been good and she's not needed to miss any at all. She's not done PE yet although I think they said she could join in if it was something suitable. They didn't let her do forest school last week but it had been raining and I think they were concerned she could slip.
But the last few days have seen a massive improvement. She is no longer complaining it is sore and is getting more confident. Although that's bringing its own problems lol.
Just counting down the days until it's off although I am quite enjoying the bonus hours now that we have no swimming, gymnastics and dancing lol

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