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What do your 4 year lld's gums look like?

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SleepFreeZone Wed 31-May-17 15:26:44

My son got an initial outbreak f the coldsore virus over Christmas which lead to gingivostomatitis which was pretty nasty for a week or so. Since that outbreak when he catches a cold I notice his gums look quite red and sore.

I've booked him in to see the dentist for a check up in two weeks but I was looking in his mouth this morning and thought his gums generally looked quite protruding. Obviously I'll ask the dentist when I see him or her but just wondered what's normal. Are your 4 year olds gums nice abs smooth abs flat like an adults or are they kind of bulging looking?

user1491572121 Wed 31-May-17 23:04:28

They're not as you describe. Does he say they hurt?

SleepFreeZone Thu 01-Jun-17 05:38:07

I think it's so difficult to describe so I'll just have to wait to see what the dentist said. The gums aren't red or angry looking and he doesn't complain of pain - although he did when he had gingivostomatitis. They just aren't smooth like adult gums.

user1491572121 Thu 01-Jun-17 06:12:34

Have a look at these pics

SleepFreeZone Thu 01-Jun-17 06:16:18

Is the top picture in the link what his gums should look like?

B19M Thu 01-Jun-17 19:59:08

Yes. Normal healthy gums look like Picture 1.

SleepFreeZone Thu 01-Jun-17 21:37:25

His don't look too different to that but I think they are puffier looking. I'm going to talk to the dentist and see what she thinks. The virus is obviously in his system now and it seems like it's pretty active so I'm hoping she might know a little more about it and how it might affect him going forward ☹️

B19M Thu 01-Jun-17 22:14:01

Unusual to have ongoing /recurring bouts of herpetic gingivitis-stomatitis.

Typically, after the initial infection with the Herpes Simplex virus, the Primary
herpetic gingivitis-stomatitis phase will resolve within 2-3 weeks.
Thereafter, the virus lives in the Trigeminal Nerve ganglion, and after exposure to sunlight/ stress/illness etc-will present generally as a facial cold sore.

It's difficult to assess without seeing your DS, but firstly really make sure his Oral hygiene is absolutely meticulous. Go over his teeth twice daily with his toothbrush & paste, after he has done the 1st brush. I've yet to meet a 4 year old who can brush their own teeth competently & I've been treating mainly children for over 25 years! Google modified bass technique for best technique.

If your own dentist agrees that his Oral hygiene is excellent; possibly a GP visit may be in order-just to rule out any underlying medical issues (unlikely & don't want to be alarmist btw).
Good luck .

SleepFreeZone Fri 02-Jun-17 14:55:38

I agree B19. His gums definitely seem to get more red when he is ill. I am going to have a word with the dentist when I take the baby in so my four year old doesn't hear me say anything worrying. I clean his teeth myself and am scrupulous. They look absolutely great to me, no tartar, I even checked with the little mirror at the end of the stick thing that I bought moons ago to check my own teeth and they looked great. His gums though just look peculiar to me.

I shall report back after the dentist visit x

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