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2 and a half year old-constipated, irritable, no appetite, sore back, wind...normal or not?!

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Mumoftoddler2 Tue 30-May-17 17:57:01

So I will try my best to cut a long story short!
2 and a half year old daughter- she has always been fussy with food, even as a baby she was really difficult to feed and as a result has suffered on and off with constipation, until a few weeks ago I could just adjust her diet a bit to help her (mix some puréed prunes into her porridge!) and it didn't bother her. Over the last month she has got more and more irritable(I think some of this is just due to her age but she's always been so so happy) she started complaining of sore tummy/sore bottom so about a week and a half ago I went to the dr who put her on movicol for a month to help clear her out. Getting it into her is tricky but after a week or so it does seem to be working but poos are still erratic (4 one day and none the next). She is still in nappies, not ready for potty training yet. However, she literally has zero appetite-won't eat anything (has had half a slice of toast all day), has constant wind and is now complaining of a sore back. Not sure whether to go dr or wait it out? Are the symptoms linked? My husband has coeliac (and t1 diabetic) so that is also on my mind. Just after a bit of advice if anyone has come across this before, thanks in advance.

ColdCottage Tue 30-May-17 21:45:14

When I was on a lot of constipation inducing pain meds the thing that worked much better for me than any other meds was about 5 canned prunes and some of the juice from the can every day. They are really sweet so I hope she will like them.

Also I've head rubbing their bum (like animals do) with a wipe etc can help to make them go. Not sure if it will work on a toddler but good for a baby. Good luck.

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