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Stomach pain, any similar experiences?

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JefferysJodpers Mon 29-May-17 22:19:27

Ds, 7, is one of those bounces kids who's never ill. High pain threshold (judging from bruising collection and tree falls!).

Since mid last week he's had on/off stomach pain. Started out the blu, running for a slide, got to the front of queue excited then stepped aside and doubled over. Lay on the floor in obvious pain for ten min, got him to loo but no other issues and passed after completely. He's felt nauseous since in the am, thrown up on an empty stomach. He's kept the little food he's eaten down though and no poo issue. Mild temp at a few points. He's had some other high pain cramps, but they don't last. In between it's generally ok, though he's tired and flat and eaten v little (even chocolate refusing). Not too bad in himself, more lethargic.

I took him to A&E yesterday as multiple bouts of severe pain. One spot is more tender and painful. Couldn't straighten him out, crying, but perked right up when we arrived! They did obs and blood sugar (he's so thin) but he was obviously ok then apart from mild tenderness in lower belly so went home.

It just seems to be dragging out, still having pain bursts (only a few a day) and tenderness. Only sick in am. At night found him asleep on landing twice due to pain and wandering but day not too bad. Doesn't seem like a bug, food is passing, though he is eating very very little. Vomit is even their clear liquid or yellow liquid only.

Anyone had similar? It's just so out of sorts for him, I don't even remember his last GP visit and he doesn't even get colds

oldbirdy Mon 29-May-17 22:35:36

My dd had intussusception last year. It is rare in children older than 2 so they may not look for it (DD was 6). I doubt it is this as she became very very unwell within 72 hours, but I read accounts if less significant telescoping where people had it longer or on and off. Did they do a scan of his abdomen? Things that sound similar: sudden onset severe pain, off and on pain, vomiting bile. Dd had a complete blockage and couldn't keep anything down. Her belly swelled up but wasn't especially sore to push on. I had to really push for further investigations as they kept saying "a virus" but I could tell it wasn't.

JefferysJodpers Mon 29-May-17 22:42:33

They did no checks bar a little prodding and blood sugar.

How's your dd now? I hope ok. My sister actually had similar as a baby, I doubt it's this.... but I will keep in kind be thank you

oldbirdy Mon 29-May-17 22:48:21

Dd is absolutely fine now, thanks. They just prodded and did blood sugar with DD at first too....but she failed her fluid test (vomited up all the teaspoons of water they gave her) do they kept her in, luckily for us. Yes I doubt it is this but I always mention it in sudden onset off and on severe abdominal pain as if it isn't a baby doctors don't necessarily seem to think of it. (Our a and e doctor actually said "she definitely isn't obstructed" after unbeknownst to me I perfectly described a child with a bowel obstruction, right down to not breaking wind and not gagging to vomit, just opening her mouth and out it flowed).

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