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Should I worry about prickly heat?

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jellymum1704 Mon 29-May-17 12:11:32

DS 2 has had prickly heat bumps starting with his hands that have spread pretty much all over his back, hands and legs. They started on Thursday but show no signs of going away. To add he had chicken pox 2 weeks ago but has scabbed over. He is well in himself and no fever, cold itches badly at nights so he hasn't been sleeping well as a result. Should I take him to get checked ? Could it be something else? I was thinking an allergy but these spots look more like goosebumps than hives?

user1496045958 Mon 29-May-17 12:30:17

Of your worried take him to docotrs or walk in centre. Could always pop to a pharmacy as well x

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