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Silent Reflux helped by Chiropractor!

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Wendiwc Mon 29-May-17 06:40:14

Just wanted those if babies with silent reflux or reflux to consider another option I wish I had tried a lot earlier. My eldest was ok on Ranitidine but that didn't cut it for my twins who after trial and error had a ranitidine and lansoprasole mix. Worked ok for the girl but the boy was still very uncomfortable. On a rec I took them to a child chiropractor who saw them a couple of times a week then reduced the sessions to weekly and then monthly as they improved. Many people can stop the meds after a few weeks but mine did this alongside their meds. I saw a huge improvement in the boy twin after only a couple of weeks, much more comfertable and happy. The younger you start the sessions the better the results I believe as the head bones are still pliable. it's something to do with nerves being trapped and signals not getting though! It was a few years ago now and I was very sceptical at first but I swear it was the only thing that really helped my little boy.

cushioncovers Mon 29-May-17 07:11:51

When my youngest was a baby he suffered from constipation up until he was about two gp gave sugar solution etc never really worked so took him to an osteopath even during treatment he would be farting and then by time we got home had the most enormous poo. Then the cycle would start again until we went back to osteopath.

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