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Advice needed- change in poo habits

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user1492964816 Mon 29-May-17 04:45:50


My LO is combination fed. Half breast half bottle. In the past he has pooed ok, struggled more than anything but eventually started to even out at one a day, always a little loose.

However the last 3/4 days his habits have completely changed, he is now going up to 6 times a day. Usually it's after every feed. Some are watery/runny some are thicker. In the last day he's developed a cold too and I'm wondering if it's linked or if there's another issue.

We saw a doctor who just said he seemed bright in himself and that the weight gain was good.

It's starting to frustrate me as sometimes it gets in the way of a feed and he's pooing at night which really disturbs him.

Is it normal to change like this?

Thank you

user1492964816 Mon 29-May-17 04:48:18

Sorry to add he is 4 months old

Loraline Mon 29-May-17 06:02:44

It's certainly normal to have changes from time to time. Could be related to the headcold. Could also be teething. Around that age my ds developed similar. He was otherwise totally healthy. It went on for weeks and started to get quite green which worried me. Gp did test a sample and all was fine. Eventually just changed back.

As long as the baby is still feeding well to replace any lost fluids and is putting on weight and is otherwise I wouldn't worry too much but do check in with GP if you have any ongoing concerns.

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