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Baby's skin is getting me down.. eczema, now hives!

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carolinexiao Sun 28-May-17 20:40:22

Hello all, DD is almost one and has had eczema, mostly on her face, since we starting weaning. We were keeping it under control with aveeno and the odd smear of hydrocortisone but then she has chicken pox and we steered clear of putting hydrocortisone on her face for a couple of weeks. Now the eczema has gone crazy, and to top it all for the past few days she's had hives roaming all over the body - they're horrid. She's scratching her face and making the eczema worse again. The GP said the hives were 'viral' when I went on the first day they showed up. Any ideas or just back to the GP? Sorry for long post.... x

carolinexiao Sun 28-May-17 20:43:50

Sorry, she had chicken pox. It's gone now.

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