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Baby with silent reflux x

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Chelseapops27 Sun 28-May-17 06:49:42

Any advice would be hugely grateful.

My little one is 10 weeks old was born 4 pounds 6 and now at 10 weeks is just over 7 pound Mark.

To cut a long story short she's been through it all and has terrible silent reflux she had quite a life threatning chocking episode at 2 weeks old which has seen her being stopped on sma started on enfamil then neocate milk (which all reacted terrible with her i was so fed up of seeing her in pain brought aptamil reflux and regurgitation milk and touch wood has been amazing on this)

She has also in the meantime had been started on ranitinde, gaviscone and domperidone which have all not made the slightest difference to her. Doctors have now stopped all of the medicine and started her on 5ml omeprazole. But truly feel like we're going crazy this medicine is terrible to try and make her have chokes after every tiny drip in mouth then screams near enough on and off all day very unhappy but most of all her nappies i have never seen anything like it terrible diarrhoea almost like bubbly water which is quite explosive happening throughout the day.

Please could someone help as I am exhausting myself running round in circle in myhead thinking what's the best thing to do next. Should i stop the omeprazole as her stomach seems very tender to even touch and her bowel movements being like this or should i continue and this is a normal side effect? Truly petriified as this heat at the moment she is having her milk but literally it's coming straight out and really dont want her to get dehydrated. we are under review but they just don't seem to listen going to call them again in Tuesday but just wanted to see if I should stop before then as it's bank holiday weekend.

Sorry for the essay just feel very exhausted with trying to think what I should do x

GraceGrape Sun 28-May-17 07:09:49

I have had 2 DDs with reflux. One was on omeprazole but I've never heard of any reaction like you describe. To me (not medically qualified) it sounds far more like an allergy to cow's milk protein. You would really need to go back on the neocate to deal with that. Did anyone tell you to thicken the neocate? It's very thin which makes it hard for reflux babies to keep down.

Which brand of omeprazole were you prescribed? In my experience, the only one suitable for babies is Losec MUPS as the others don't dissolve properly. They caused my DD to cough and splutter and were impossible to administer.

Footle Sun 28-May-17 07:22:22

They'll have tested for cystic fibrosis? I'm not medical - just that the bowel movements sound so unusual.

GwendolynMary Sun 28-May-17 07:30:08

Both mine had silent reflux - you have my sympathies. flowers

With our second, we had a better paed, who helped us enormously. We eliminated cow's milk protein from my diet (breastfeeding) and her formula top-ups. That, along with ranitidine, helped her so much. The mucousy blood-streaked poosplosions stopped and she was a generally happy girl as long as she was upright in an ergo.

healthyeating Sun 28-May-17 07:56:56

My youngest had silent reflux. It turned out it was caused by a cows milk protein allergy. He hasn't had a choking episode since the weekend we started him on a prescribed milk. Has the gp mentioned something along those lines?

Wendiwc Sun 28-May-17 08:22:23

All my 3 had silent reflux and milk protein allergy. The first managed on ranitidine and neonate but the twins needed neonate, ranitidine and lansoprasole. They also had mucus & blood in the stools and severe tummy pain. It is the milk protein, hence the need for the neonate. I took mine to A&E when I saw the blood and they put them straight onto neonate at 6 weeks. It's a bit of trial and error to get the right comb for your little one but I would definitely remove the milk protein. It does take up to 2 months for the insides to heal fully as they are so inflamed and tender but you should see a big improvement even after a week or so. The milk allergy also gave them eczema but that takes a few weeks to appear. Good luck.

SunEgg Sun 28-May-17 08:26:18

Sounds like an allergy to cows milk. Get a prescription from GP asap for hypoallergenic milk.

Wendiwc Sun 28-May-17 08:31:46

Forgot to say they also tried domperidone but it didn't work so the paed changed it to lansprasole which is meant to be the gold standard treatment for reflux. I think only a paed can proscribe it though as it's very expensive. If you haven't seen a paed yet I would insist on seeing one urgently, they know their stuff with regard to the best treatments.

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