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Toddler Banged Head

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user1482334903 Wed 24-May-17 09:30:47


My dd (3) bumped the back of her head this morning on the pvc panel of the kitchen door. I wasn't in the room at the time (was putting shoes on ready for school run) and heard a loud bang (the noise a pvc door makes). Dd started crying and said she had slipped and hit the back of her head on the pvc panel. (She pointed to the part). She is adamant that she didn't hit it on the cushion floor and it is pretty obvious from the noise it made that it was on the pvc door.

I have major health anxiety with head bumps (I've rushed her to doctors many a time for little bumps to the head) so hoping some of you can give me reassurance.

She is acting normal and is in school. The pvc door isn't hard and I have knocked my own head on it since to reproduce the noise ( I know that sounds crazy!)

Thanks xxx

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