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Can you get rotavirus despite having vaccine?

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Trumpstar Tue 23-May-17 12:18:12

DD (2.5) got a high temp yesterday (40) which wouldn't go down despite calpol. Went to GP who sent us to hospital, who gave dd nurofen and fluids and got temp down to 38.5. Said her throats was a bit inflamed and nose a bit runny but nothing by itself to cause that kind of temperature.

We came home and woke up this morning and dd has watery diarrhea and 39 temp. Nothing left in her tummy now so she's just pooing small bits of water and taking a few reluctant sips of water. She says she doesn't feel nauseous and that she is hungry but not thirsty.

Would you say this is rotavirus? She has had all her vaccines...

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Tue 23-May-17 13:50:46

There are other stomach bugs apart from rotavirus.

Trumpstar Tue 23-May-17 13:58:22

I do understand. But she has had norovirus before (tested and confirmed) and that was vomiting only and no temperature. It's very unusual for her to get a temperature.

NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Tue 23-May-17 14:04:23

You can get norovirus more than once, you are only immune to it for a few weeks...certainly doesn't sound like Noro though.
Is her throat very red? My dd gets an upset stomach with tonsillitis.

Shootingstar2289 Sun 28-May-17 22:16:20

Bugs hit in all kind of ways. A few weeks ago my son had vomiting and no diarrhoea. My daughter caught t off him and had diarrhoea for a few days then was sick after this. She's had the rotavirus but my son has not.

Rotavirus is only type of stomach bug you can catch and I assume ty vaccination because it's most common in young children.

I hope she's better now 😀

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