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Recurrent diarrhoea in 5yo

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caitlinohara Wed 17-May-17 15:47:52

This is driving me nuts.
He has had a few episodes of loose bowels but then last week he soiled himself at school, and again at teatime. Took him to chemist who said they couldn't give him anything but if it didn't go away within 48hrs to take him to the doctor.

He got better over the weekend and then fine Mon and Tues, but then was up in the night and also went twice before school, kept him off and dh took him to the doctors only to be told there was nothing available on prescription or over the counter and to send him back to school as he didn't have a fever or a bug. Dh unhappy about doing this because of what happened last week so he has missed another day of school.

He's not eating much, but that's mainly because he is sick of being given bread, eggs, rice and the type of stodgy food he doesn't really like in an attempt to bind him up! He has no intolerances or anything, suspected asthma but that's under control and otherwise perfectly fine.

What the hell do I do?
Any ideas?

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