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Alternative diets for kids

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ExtraPineappleExtraHam Wed 17-May-17 15:14:36

Just trying to gain some insight. If you bring up your children to be vegan or sugar free do they not complain that they are missing out?
I'm considering having a sugar free house and getting the kids off it before it's really taken hold of them but how do you manage to say no to ice creams, sweets at parties, treats at the grandparents, tuck shops, Easter eggs, Christmas things etc.
Are they going to feel hard done by? Will they go crazy on sugar at 14?
A little context, I was a complete sugar addict, woke up in the night to eat chocolate, craved it night and day, became pre diabetic. Just slowly trying to wean myself off it but don't want the dc to suffer like I did.

namechange20050 Wed 17-May-17 15:22:57

I think everything in moderation is key. My mum was hugely controlling about sugar and other things like processsed food, white bread etc. Made me quite obsessed with chocolate and when I was old enough I'd buy it in secret and binge eat it. I genuinely believe if there had been more of a balanced approach I wouldn't have done this. I now have a child & he's allowed sugar in moderation. We don't have cakes and biscuits every day but we do a couple of times a week and it's very much part of a balanced diet.

shewolfmum Wed 17-May-17 22:28:00

We do chocolate...but good chocolate not sugary shit stuff and bake cakes with whole sugars. I limit sweets and at partys she just has one and we take others home and i ditch them. That seems fair! I am insensed that spelt right.... at the rubbish food on offer everywhere. How are we to teach them what is good food when so many packets dominate the shelves. Take petrol stations for example...fruit and nuts are about the only things i consider edible in them! I feel your concern. Don't get me started on squash or things like Graze...!!!

StealthPolarBear Wed 17-May-17 22:30:04

Name change I binged on chocolate, still do . My parents had an 'everything in moderation ' approach

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