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Sweeteners in epilim anti epileptic syrup

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Minkfluffycat Tue 16-May-17 21:09:53

My son has epilepsy and takes two epilepsy medications twice daily one being the generic form of epilim. Both of these medications contain saccharin, a sweetener that is now not used in food at all as its know to cause harm to health.

I'm really concerned about this but neither the pharmacy or the doctor can help me find out if there are other brands that don't contain this or other harmful sweeteners.

Does anyone have a child on epilim who could tell me what sweetener it contains?

My next step will be to contact the drug companies directly

RedBugMug Tue 16-May-17 22:59:30

would crushable tablets be an option?
I don't know if they contain a sweetener though.
did you actually speak yo thd pharmacist or 'just' the clerk? if yes poor show of the pharmacist, they should be able to look this up or follow up for you.

Minkfluffycat Wed 17-May-17 16:45:52

Hi thanks for the reply. No crushable tablets wouldn't really be an option in this case as I can't guarantee he'd finish it and he really needs the full, consistent dose. I've now been to the doctor and he's transferred him to epilim which I now found out has sorbitol in it which is better at least.

The other medication is ethosuximide and even the doctor couldn't find any brand names listed to check for ingredients. The pharmacist has now looked also but there appears to be only the one formulation got this!

It makes me so angry they put this in children's medicine! angry

RedBugMug Wed 17-May-17 17:12:19

don't be angry smile
they put it in medicine because it's stable, unlike some 'natural' compounds which can vary more easily.

underneaththeash Thu 18-May-17 06:20:36

Why is it harmful?
The theory that it caused cancer has been completely discredited. The only government to ban it reversed their decision in 2014. As the poster above stated, it's used as its very stable.
I'm not fond of artificial sweeteners, but without them, your child's medication would be really unpalatable and getting the correct dosage without him spitting it out is really important.
I really wouldn't worry, if it is controlling your child's epilepsy, surely thats the important thing.

Minkfluffycat Thu 18-May-17 08:46:04

Thank you it's good to have a different perspective smile I'm pretty sure it's not good for you that's why it's no longer in any of our food.

I would never take him off a medication but just want to find the least toxic formulations I can. Thanks

whinethebobbinup Thu 18-May-17 08:49:27

You've been misinformed, OP - saccharine is still used in tonnes of food as there's no evidence it causes harm. Hope that eases your worries.

Minkfluffycat Thu 18-May-17 10:30:44

Thanks it does

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