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Eczema help!

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user1472151176 Tue 16-May-17 19:51:25

Hello, my 18 month old has a really bad patch of eczema on his forehead and I cannot get rid of it. He has other patches but I can control it with emollient baths and loads of moisturising creams but the patch on his head justs keeps getting worse. Every time it almost clears up he scratches it and it opens up again. I have been to the doctor and the hydrocortisone work for a while but it's come back worse. I have booked another appointment for this week but I'm just wondering if anyone has any useful tips on what I can do? Most of the damage he does to it is during his sleep at night. This evening I have put sudocrem on it so I have high hopes it may help but any other advice would be greatly appreciated smile thank you x

SlB09 Tue 16-May-17 20:00:40

He may need a stronger topical steroid to treat this area, however the GP may not be comfortable prescribing and a referral to dermatology may be neccesary.
See how the sudocrem does, it may benefit, but its not usually advisable due to its drying effects (if it is eczema then its all about adding moisture).
The other possibility is that there may be a fungal or bacterial element to the area now so a skin swab may be helpful which your gp can do.
As for inbetween times, try mittons (im sure you will have!) Sleep suits with integrated hand covers, emmolients that have been in the fridge just before bed to soothe etc. Hope he gets some relief soon! X

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