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Continence issues and bed wetting alarms

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strugglingwithmaths Tue 16-May-17 11:00:43

DS is nearly 7. He’s had a lot of continence issues- he has an overactive bladder which causes accidents in the day and has never been dry at night. We’ve tried all the medications available up to and including desmopressin with very little impact.

We’ve got to the stage now he’s older that things have improved in the day- he’s still got an overactive bladder but now recognises that he has to go to the loo at every break and lunchtime (regardless of whether he “needs” to go) so he has very few accidents. The continence specialist we saw suggested that some people never grow out of this- he’ll just have to learn as he gets older to go to the loo more frequently than most and not drink lots before long journeys etc.

The current problem is night time wetting. The desmopressin had no impact, which according to the specialist is unusual. She depressed me a bit- I said cheerfully that I wasn’t worried as “there are no adults who still wet themselves at night”, and apparently there are, especially in cases such as DS who is quite “severe”….. Given the fact that nothing is having the slightest impact, and combined with the overactive bladder that’s also pretty small she suggested that we try training him now, using a bed wetting alarm. Apparently this is something that they really only use after 7 years, but DS is VERY motivated and sensible and she was confident he could cope.

So far we’ve been using it for 2 weeks. It’s a wireless one that goes in his pants, and it It took a while to get the positioning right -we’re using pull ups with a small slit made in the lining and the alarm positioned there which works well. However, what we’re finding is that by the time the alarm goes off and he’s woken he’s nearly finished urinating- especially as his bladder is really small so we’re not talking about a lot. We get him up every time and he goes to the loo and empties what’s left. It’s also going off 2-3 times a night which is exhausting (12.00, 2.30 and often 6.00am).

Now I’m going to persevere, and I know it can take many months BUT has anyone actually done this and found it worked? I think the goal here is to accept that sleeping through the night and remaining dry is a long way away (or may never happen according to the specialist sad) so the aim is to train his brain to get him waking BEFORE he needs to use the loo so he can go to the toilet. If anyone has done this successfully/ unsuccessfully I’d love to hear what worked or didn’t. I ‘m exhausted and wondering if I’ve just bought some very expensive snake oil…..

strugglingwithmaths Tue 16-May-17 11:28:56

Sorry. That was LONG. I'm sleep deprived and brevity leaves me...

anotherdayanothersquabble Tue 16-May-17 12:51:20

We stopped night time pants in September. Bought this book. Started magnesium spray. Gave up sugar. Started taking DS to the loo twice in the night and used an alarm (maybe 6 weeks in when the 7 days didn't work) and some how midst washing sheets, duvets, pillows and the whole house smelling of wee, he was dry by Christmas. He turned 8 in March.

Who knows what worked but his day time urgency has also improved.

strugglingwithmaths Tue 16-May-17 13:55:34

Frantically googling
I'm apparently "very mean" with sugar anyway so there's not a lot to cut out.
I'll have a look at the book as well.
Thank you.

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