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Antibiotics say they have to be taken on an empty stomach - does that include milk?!

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Tigerpig Mon 15-May-17 16:44:36

My 18month old DD has today been prescribed penicillin for Strep Throat.

The pharmacist said that it has to be given on an empty stomach - the leaflet describes this as 1 hour before food or 3 hours after food.

My question is does milk count a food? She will currently have cows milk first thing in the morning (she is hangry first thing) so can I give her the milk as normal or do I have to give her the antibiotic then try and distract her for an hour?

Same question applies for bedtime? Normally she would have supper/tea at around 5:30, then milk at 6:30...not sure how I can fit in the antibiotic at bedtime on an empty stomach?!

I should have asked the pharmacist but it didn't occur to me when I was collecting the presription.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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