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Excessive earwax after grommets

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taylor01pe Sat 13-May-17 18:48:10

Hi all,

my LO (14 months) had grommets fitted 3 weeks ago in both ears for suspected glue ear and recurrent ear infections. No glue ear was found during the operation but there haven't been any infections since so they must be doing something good.

A couple of days ago we noticed some orange discharge on her bedding and it turns out she has a large amount of earwax from only one side. She's never had waxy ears before but it seems to be getting worse.

There's no sign of infection or irritation just a lot of wax in her ear and on the bedding.

Any ideas? Linked to the grommets? Consult doctor?

VioletHornswaggle Mon 15-May-17 23:08:15

Hiya, some discharge is normal immediately after the operation but medium to longer term not, so it's worth checking with the GP in case there is an ear infection.

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