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Poorly 11 year old

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kj69 Tue 09-May-17 09:28:09

.... just that really. She is usually very active and sporty, now is permanently exhausted, and is currently still in a deep sleep after 14 hours. No significant fever, permanent headache and nausea.
She's been like this on and off for over a month.
No sore throat or apparent raised glands. Lots of bloods taken, only thing shown is high potassium (though I understand that this could be an anomaly) .
She has been going to school, but it's now become too much.
She started on the pill just after this started, as she had very painful periods.... she's now going to stop, just in case.
Waiting for more bloods to come back.... just wondered if anyone had any ideas.... I'm getting worried. Thank you

Slurrycart Tue 09-May-17 09:50:52

Sorry to hear your dd is ill. Similar story here (13 yr old started menstruating in the past six months). Was generally very active, energetic and sporty (did ballet seriously until last year). In fact, she was hard to keep up with.

Since that time she has been pale and listless, constantly tired, having lots of minor illnesses generally of the flu-ish-viral-glands type.

We've been at the doctors a lot, who have done about four sets of bloods over the past year or so. One set showed that she had been suffering from mononucleosis type illness that wasn't mononucleosis but similar. And that she is low in vit D. She isn't low in iron though.

She's seemed a bit better since then but is now pale and tired again (although she is under a lot of stress at school for various unavoidable reasons unfortunately). She is seeing ed psych for anxiety and exam stress (which can be very draining).

So, we've been placing a lot of emphasis on sleep (we make sure she goes to bed early and all technology is banned from the bedroom) but I have a suspicion that she is writing in journals/faffing around/doodling etc after lights out but short of telling her not to do it, or pacing about outside her door, or putting a camera in her room, I am at a loss as to what to do about that!

We are also making sure she doesn't eat too much rubbish (she would eat a lot of sweet things given the chance) to avoid sugar highs and lows and of course she is taking daily vit D and getting lots of gentle exercise such as dog-walking and gardening etc outside of school sports. And that she has a good balance of activities and relaxation ie friends - outside of school.

It's a difficult time when they are growing so much and I think I read that this period from puberty to adulthood is when the brain changes the most it ever will do in a lifetime. There are two or three dc in dd's class who regularly go home because of period problems and a boy who faints often. My mother used to call it "outgrowing your own strength!"

That probably isn't much help because your dd hasn't had gland issues or temps. But I just wanted to post because I think hormones can have a huge impact on a child. My dd was like a whirling dervish before puberty, and she is now completely transformed, much more hesitant, quieter, less active, in a dream half the time. It's a worrying time. flowers

I hope the latest blood tests give you and your doctor some more clues as to what is wrong, and I hope she feels better soon.

kj69 Tue 09-May-17 09:58:22

Thank you so much, that's so reassuring...... puberty is such a horror isn't it? It's taken me completely by surprise! I'm also focussing on sleep and food... we have identical issues.
My daughter is a swimmer, so early morning and late nights..... great for mental health and fitness.... but not for sleep!
Good luck to you and your DD, I hope she stays well.

Slurrycart Tue 09-May-17 10:03:44

Thanks Kj69 - yy to being taken by surprise!

Slurrycart Tue 09-May-17 10:08:07

Sorry - posted too early - was going to say, the blood tests should pick up any infections/viruses going on - and if it is not that, then maybe she just needs a bit of time out for a while to allow her body to "catch up" as it were? I did read somewhere about teens needing lots of sleep owing to rapid physical, intellectual and emotional growth etc etc. Hope she feels a lot better soon! And as she is physically very fit that should help her recovery!

C4Envelope Tue 09-May-17 10:08:24

Not much help here but I remember being about 12/13 havig started my period at 11/12 and I would come home from school and SLEEP.. wake for dinner - eat and then go back to bed to sleep the whole night through. It lasted a good few years until I started getting my energy back - always active at school and played sports - was just shattered. And very skinny although I ate like a horse! I have no health issues and am generally a healthy happy adult now, so hoping to reassure you it may just be a growing phase. Best of luck flowers

kj69 Tue 09-May-17 10:26:23

Thank you all, perversely I hope the bloods pick up something, preferably treatable with a magic pill.... but, in reality I think puberty is the key to all of this... so we are in for the long haul. 😩

Slurrycart Tue 09-May-17 10:56:45

Good luck Kj69 keep us posted! Would be good to compare notes from time to time!

C4envelope another string bean here who inhales food and never puts on weight!

kj69 Sun 14-May-17 09:13:05

Hi, quick update..... we have a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue..... was not expecting that. Not really sure what it means..... but learning quickly. Devastating.... She's 11!

Slurrycart Tue 16-May-17 13:50:46

Sorry to hear that Jk69 but thanks for update. That must have come as a huge shock - your poor dd (and you!). I'm surprised at such a quick diagnosis though; I have no medical training whatsoever but I would have thought something like Chronic Fatigue would be ruled out after a load of tests for other things? (Ignore me if I am talking poppy-cock.) I am really sorry that your daughter has to contend with this though, and at such an early age flowers I hope you can access good medical support and that she eventually recovers full health x

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