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Dribble rash & eczema

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Blossom789 Mon 08-May-17 08:45:54

DS has eczema over arms and chest and also has dribble rash under his chin.

Started using dribble bibs but I'm not sure if this is making it worse?

Are there certain dribble bibs or cream that's good to use? I heard Vaseline is good but would that interfere with the eczema??

WowserBowser Mon 08-May-17 08:56:07

Ive had this recently with DD. I treated it as a separate issue to the eczema. Although they did seem to flare at the same time.

I just obsessively kept her neck area dry. So dribble bibs and if they got wet i would replace with another one. This seemed to work fairly quickly.

I just used some cheap dribble bibs i got off Amazon!

I would put a bit of cream on if i was putting it on her chest but only a small amount as i was more focused on keeping that bit dry IYSWIM?

InMemoryOfSleep Mon 08-May-17 09:06:32

We had this with DS, now 11 months; his neck was red and angry from about 4 months and would not shift, no matter what we used. In the end the doctor prescribed Daktocort, which is hydrocortisone and an antifungal, as apparently it's pretty common for them to get a fungal infection in the folds of their neck, and that cleared it up pretty quickly. So maybe pop to the doctor if his neck isn't clearing up?

For eczema, we've also tried everything confused and Lush Dream Cream seems to work the best for DS. Oilatum is ok for keeping him moisturised but doesn't seem to do much to get rid of the eczema. Can also recommend Scratch Sleeves to stop him getting at his neck and making it worse!

chloesmumtoo Mon 08-May-17 09:20:01

My ds was horrendous for dribbling. Lived in bibs and had to keep changing them as much as possibly to keep dry. The waterproof ones are best to stop it going through to his chest but guess you know that already. Cant recommend any in particular as my baby days are long gone grin
However ensure bibs are washed and rinsed well. If not stained with food you could wash in something gentle​ like surecare as probably dont rinse as well if have the plastic backing and you don't want washing detergents aggregating things, don't use conditioner.
Keep his neck chest as clean and as dry as possible. Sudocrem did help my ds's dribble rash and have used on dd for other things, she suffers terrible allergies and eczema but gets on ok with it. Will be trial and error to see what suits your ds. Dd also uses vaseline around her mouth for eczema and has even been recommended to by dermatologists in the past. So you wont be doing anything wrong in using that. Hope that helps

Blossom789 Mon 08-May-17 09:50:31

Thanks, I've been putting his eczema cream on it but it never seems to dry- I'll stop using it I think and see how it goes.

I did think about the plastic backed bibs but didn't know if that would make it worse as it wouldn't breathe as well?

chloesmumtoo Mon 08-May-17 11:17:28

Yeah I can see where your coming from but as long as he has cotton clothing under bib his skin should breath ok. Bib will move around a bit. Think main issue is keeping him as dry as possible and the plastic back will atleast help his chest stay dry more. Give it a go. All trial and error.
What eczema cream are you using?

Blossom789 Mon 08-May-17 13:02:08

Good thinking Chloesmum, I'll give it a go. Using cetraban at the moment, oilatum made it worse. Cetraban seems ok but nothing seems to calm the eczema other than steroid cream. HV said it will take months!

chloesmumtoo Wed 10-May-17 09:20:20

We don't have any experience with Cetraban but dd's staple moisteriser when young was Diprobase emollient cream. Yes I can imagine nothing calming the eczema except the steroid, we have been there in the past too.
If the dribble rash wont improve with just the Vaseline barrier, don't be too afraid to try the Sudocrem healing cream. It does also barrier moisture as well. It does smell of lavender but despite that dd has not had a reaction to it. She even used it recently on a reaction blister to a hair dye test patch. She reacts to many things and being a teen wanted her hair dyed-bad idea. Sudocrem was fine to use on her and contains a mild antiseptic so may calm down any angry skin. Not something I would put all over but on the dribble/chest rash would be fine even if its just at bed time- its rather waxy. Worked a treat on ds's dribble rash when little as I said but he never had eczema.
Hope things improve soon flowers

tinajayne1993 Sat 13-May-17 23:26:54

My little one has eczema and I hate using serious on him I use avenoo cream daily and his next was red raw and the dermatologist nurse came to the baby group I go to and I explained I really didn't want to use steroids on it so she said to use 100% organic cold pressed coconut oil it must be cold pressed though and just melt it and put it on. I have only did it for a day and a half and honestly it has worked so well I actually can't believe it. Hope this helps. X

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