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16 year old won't stop peeing

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user1493584179 Sun 30-Apr-17 21:47:21

Hi , I'm new to mum's net but need some advice for my 16 year old daughter .
for some odd reason from about 2 weeks ago she has started running to the toliet constantly. It did turn out she had a water infection (kidney infection)which got under control (was also tested for diabities twice but came back okay ) she was in hospital last week for something else and blood test and urine sample came back ok. She also doesn't appear to be stressed or depressed(if that can make it worse I'm not sure ) It's also not little amounts , it's huge amounts in a small period of time , and this isn't always effected by drinking , but can be sometimes and has no pain or burning and isn't smelly .
Any ideas on what this could be ? thankyou

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