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Baby knocked tooth

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Twinmumum Thu 27-Apr-17 17:47:13

Hi, my little boy is learning to walk and has just face planted but luckily fell on the changing mat. He cried a little bit and there was some blood coming from his mouth which stopped quite quickly. My issue is I feel like one of his front teeth has slightly gone upwards into the gum but I can't be sure! It's not gone all the way back I can't still see a bit of it. Maybe it's just because his gum is a little swollen making it look weird. Has anyone else's DC pushed a tooth back into the gum? Will it come back down soon? confused

Twinmumum Thu 27-Apr-17 17:47:59

That should say I *can still see a bit of it!

bingandabong Fri 28-Apr-17 05:56:21

Hi if you can still see some of it, then it will reappear and should be fine..just keep an eye and maybe goto the dentist if you're unsure, how old is he? As they do recommend a dentist visit if they are 1 just to get them used to it.
My DS2 knocked his front tooth on Sunday we thought it was knocked out and he had swallowed it ( he was fine after 10min, I cried for 3days!) however whilst I've been cleaning the gum and the swelling has gone down I can see a little bit of the tooth, after people telling me I was wrong we had an X-ray and yep it's up there. We just have to wait for it to make an appearance and hope it's not damaged and we won't know if his adult tooth has been damaged until that comes down In a good few years.
But my DS tooth is completely in the gum, so if yours has only gone a little way up I wouldn't worry, they have a lot of room up there, but maybe get it checked although they will prob say just wait for it to come down

Twinmumum Sat 29-Apr-17 19:02:13

Oh gosh hope your LO is feeling better now! So worrying! Thanks for the advice smile

bingandabong Sun 30-Apr-17 09:32:01

Yes Thank you ,he is fine a couple of days of soft food, but back to normal ( well with a toothless grin). I hope your LO is ok too

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