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16 month old gagging & vomiting... advice please!!!

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CeeGeexx Tue 25-Apr-17 10:18:05


Posting on here to see if anyone has experienced anything similar.

My LO became unwell two weeks ago, high temp etc. Took her to the doctor on NHS 24's advice, she was checked over but the doctor couldn't find a cause so put it down to being viral! She perked up after a few days but then started to have cold like symptoms (blocked runny nose, slight cough) so I just put the temp she had down to a cold starting off, she was still happy in herself though & eating normally.

Last Friday there she was at her dads & he told me she had been sick in the morning but otherwise seemed fine & had been eating normally the rest of the day. I picked her up after work, got her organised for bed, in the middle of the night she was sick again but again no high temp or that. On Saturday she wasn't sick so I put it down to being a 24 hour thing but then on Sunday she was sick a few times again, refusing to eat so I just gave her fluids which she managed to keep down. Yesterday I took her to the doctors just for reassurance, they again said it's viral & to let it run its course! I have slight concerns there is more to it though, she can keep down fluids or liquid like foods like soup etc but anything with a bit of texture she is gagging on it. So my worry is now why is she keeping down smooth foods but gagging on anything with a bit of texture, she's happy enough to eat soup, yoghurt etc but totally refuses anything that requires to be chewed. I am obviously worrying now that this is going to have a set back on her eating habits.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I'm worried that she is going to be starving all the time, I am giving her a few different options at meal times in the attempt to get some food in her but she refuses. I'm finding it really stressful & as usual my worrying goes into overdrive.

Any advice would be great!!
Thanks x

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