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DD age 6 tummy ache

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MegCleary Mon 24-Apr-17 10:34:10

On and off for a few weeks now DD has complained of stomach ache. Her poos are fine. Fair diet. We have explained hungry feelings, digestion feelings and now what she describes a swirly feelings in her tummy as sometimes as being nervous about things, to take a deep breath and come and talk to mummy or daddy or talk to teacher at school.
DH took her to the doc and they said maybe gastritis and gave gaviscon. I am loathe to medicate her when I think it is her getting used to a new developmental phase. I of course may be terribly wrong and she is in pain. But if you distract her, jolly her along make her laugh she's fine.
She's happy to go to school and at school. Happy to go to rainbows and DH and I not there.
Any advice appreciated.

Polly99 Mon 24-Apr-17 10:37:47

I wonder if there's a little bug about. My 7 year old recently told me her tummy felt like it had a washing machine in it. This went on for a few weeks but she hasn't mentioned in in the last week or two.

MegCleary Mon 24-Apr-17 10:55:36

Thank you, no sign of a bug but I will keep it in mind

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