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Gum abscess - 6 year old.

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summerblonde Sun 23-Apr-17 18:21:14

Please can someone advise me!

My daughter has a gum abscess. She is 6. I took her to the dentist last week who prescribed 7 days penicillin. She's on her last dose this evening and she is still experiencing pain in her glands/jaw when touched. She told me it was getting better all week but I touched it tonight and she flinched. The dentist did say it was likely the tooth would need removing as it had decay. ( don't judge me, I brush her teeth religiously).

We have another appointment on Thursday. She's eating fine, playing fine. Is in no pain. I'm worried. The abscess had gone down and it isn't getting worse. Why hasn't the infection gone? Any advice?

B19M Sun 23-Apr-17 21:10:44

The abscess will never fully go until the source of infection-the decayed tooth-is removed.
The antibiotics will just temporarily dampen the infection down until the extraction can be carried out.

summerblonde Mon 24-Apr-17 05:38:18

Thank you very much for your reply. Very useful. I'm now wondering why the dentist did not make a referral to the hospital there and then. Although it wasn't her usual dentist. I'm will discuss at her next appointment. Thanks again.

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