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Any medical types about? Advice please.

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confusednorthner Sun 23-Apr-17 18:01:36

Ds 9 has been seen by children's ward twice since weds with hip pain but otherwise well. They did bloods, X-ray and have decided it's not irritable hip. He's being seen in clinic end of this week and they've requested a MRI.
I've just got home and dh tells me ds took himself to bed at 5 crying with headache and feeling cold. His tempos 37.8.
Connected or is poor love coming down with something else?

clairethewitch70 Sun 23-Apr-17 18:04:34

Probably picked up something else at the hospital but I would ring OOH just in case.

RedBugMug Sun 23-Apr-17 18:06:05

possibly not connected.
when did the hip pain start?
would osteomyelitis fit the symptoms?

RedBugMug Sun 23-Apr-17 18:07:03

so yes, call for advice but also give ds ibuprofen or oaracetamol for the pain.

PossumInAPearTree Sun 23-Apr-17 18:11:33

Osteomyelitis came to mind for me as well. I would ring 111.

confusednorthner Sun 23-Apr-17 18:11:35

This is third bout of hip pain since Xmas, usually lasts a few days then tails off. He was starting to feel better today so had been out a bit then just came on like this suddenly. I've given him neurofen 1/2jr ago.

confusednorthner Sun 23-Apr-17 18:13:10

I've just googled that, wouldn't the bloods have picked that up?

RedBugMug Sun 23-Apr-17 18:18:31

is the pain when he does a lot physical activities, or when he is run down?

have a look at crmo if that fits. it's not often on dr's radar.

RedBugMug Sun 23-Apr-17 18:18:55

crmo doesn't always show in bloods.

confusednorthner Sun 23-Apr-17 18:21:28

He is quite active, usually swims 3/4 times a week plus karate, school or etc

imip Sun 23-Apr-17 18:22:39

Is he hyper mobile at all?

confusednorthner Sun 23-Apr-17 18:24:23

Don't think so, dd is though...

imip Sun 23-Apr-17 20:04:43

Dd was very active, not noticeably hypermobile, but was suffering pretty constant pain. Came on abruptly on one ankle. Many investigations and after a few months (medication not working), arthritis was diagnosed. Months later again, after drugs not working (naproxen) and her symptoms not entirely consistent with arthritis (and had spread to the other ankle); hypermobility diagnosed.

Three years later, it's in her ankles and wrists. She can no longer really write, but remains generally quite active; gymnastics, swimming and just recently taekwando. Regular physio and podiatry. Hip can can be biomechanical pain from some other part of the body. You could perhaps ask to see a physiotherapist (sorry if you already know this, dd has JHS).

confusednorthner Sun 23-Apr-17 22:10:35

Thanks I'll ask at clinic as physio dd saw was pretty useless! He just said yes hypermobile so she's bendier than usual.

Doesn't connect with ds tonight though. Temp rising again past 38.5 out of hours said keep a eye on it and as long as it stays down leave till morning.
I've dosed him again now but I'm still worried. He says his head hurts and he's dizzy. Tempted to call the ward and see if they are any help...

Batwomanrisesagain Sun 23-Apr-17 22:15:05

Hip pain and fever definitely needs seeing in hospital imo.

confusednorthner Sun 23-Apr-17 22:17:35

Hip pain has faded though...

BoobleMcB Tue 25-Apr-17 11:04:34

Possible septic arthritis? We're his bloods all clear? One problem with the inflammatory markers one is it can lag behind the actual infection. Ring ooh see if they can get you an appointment. Do you know what bloods they Took?

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