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3 month old eczema struggle

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nikki444 Tue 18-Apr-17 21:07:08

My 3 month old baby girl has been struggling with her skin since birth (she was 12 days overdue and born without any vernix covering her) but in the last 6 weeks she has developed eczema which has been getting steadily worse.
We have been back and forth to the GP trying various creams and lotions (Zerobase, Aveeno, Dermol, Diprobase, Oilatum etc etc.) She ended up in A&E one night after a bad reaction to one of the new creams so we went back onto Diprobase, which seemed to agree with her the most, although still not great! I have switched all the family laundry over to Surcare detergent and make sure I hoover and dust regularly. We did think the eczema was connected to a milk allergy, she was changed to SMA alphamino formula which has helped with her weight gain and tummy problems but not the eczema.
Today we saw the dermatologist and I guess I was naively expecting some kind of miracle, unfortunately he just prescribed more creams (Hydromol and Doublebase gel) and told us to cut her baths to twice a week maximum.
I'm now sat here feeling completely depressed after battling with my angel to get her creams on (she HATES it and screams inconsolably the whole time, every time!) and then holding her hands down so she couldnt scratch herself while she fell asleep. Its so awful to see how distressed she is and there seems to be nothing i can do to offer her any real relief! The doctors only seem able to prescribe more creams and are not really interested. We are still waiting for an appointment at the allergy clinic but just get fobbed off every time we phone to chase up the appointment. I'm at my wits end and don't feel I can cope with this sad

Stitchfusion Tue 18-Apr-17 21:10:18

I used to give my babies olive oil massages.

No real help, but lots of positive thoughts for you.

nikki444 Tue 18-Apr-17 21:23:29

Also has anyone used hydromol ointment to wash babys hair? It says it can be used as a soap substitute but seems really greasy. She has quite a lot of dark hair so it can look quite icky if not washed properly, however I dont want to make her scalp anymore dry or itchy

Newdad19 Tue 18-Apr-17 21:35:56

We went through this with our wee boy, absolutely excruciating eczema and his body covered in huge patches. The breaking point for us was him up scratching all night during his sleep and waking up with vests stuck to him with the blood sad

We ended up with some steong steroids to blast it (the dermatologists actually used a lot of steroid and explained its better this for a week or 2 and you will know if it is going to help instead of the thin and sparijg approach gps standardly advise).

A combination of the steroids with an antihistamine to help him through the night without scratching helped enough to calm it.

Since then we have mantain using dermol soap and dermol bath lotion and aveeno for moisturiser. The one thing that has had the most.impact though has been Zipzocks and some body stockings. The zipzocks are used for the limbs and are impregnated with zinc so are super moist. They have been a life saver for us and totally transformed his bad patches. We were also prescribed body suits/vests/leggings which are quite tight so prevent itching amd wounding it further.

Sorry for the long post but I know exactly what you are going through. It is suspected lactose intollerance for us as his bowels were also very loose so have also followed a lactose free diet.

Hope any part of this helps

mainlywingingit Tue 18-Apr-17 21:41:10

If you can afford it find a paediatrician that specialises in skin. Our son has had chest infections and chest problems and going privately with a paediatrician in respiratory specialisation has been incredible.

Our first appointment was £250 and the next one was under £200 and then we were discharged. Best money I've ever spent!

Newdad19 Tue 18-Apr-17 22:01:06

To provide a different side from the last post, we also found a peadatric dermatologist as were fortunate enough to have private healthcare.

It was a bit of a waste of time really (and dissapointing as we had pinned all our hopes on a miracle from it) but ended up referred back to fhe NHS. A long story short, the type of treatment our boy needed was dressings etc. Which the nhs dermatology nurses have on hand

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