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Tooth ache

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Jobo1972 Wed 12-Apr-17 22:24:46

Hi can anyone help me please my 4year son has had toothache for the past 2 weeks took him back the dentist to which they told me he needs it taking out but in the time we have wait to get it took out at local hospital he has had pain the last 4days end up taking him the walk in and they tried taking it out with him having the needle other wise we would have to wait 2weeks to get it done with him having gas and air he was ok getting needle but on the 2nd pull of tooth he start screaming to which the dentist stop and said they could not carry on now we have to wait 2 week s before they can do it with gas and air the pain he is in u would not out a animal though it so can anyone help me I am will ing to pay private to get it done asap cos of the pain

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