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A newbie with a serious question about FATIGUE

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babyapple Wed 12-Apr-17 10:52:10

Hello ladies, my daughter (10) has basically spent 2/3rd of this year in bed sad we all had a virus in January (who didn't...) and since then she hasn't really recovered. We have seen doctors galore and none of them can seem to find anything (which is good of course, but she isn't well so there must be something). Has anyone here experienced post viral fatigue syndrome? And how long has it lasted? I'm trying to prep her up with multi vitamins, probiotics and vitamin D but so far it hasn't shown any signs of improvement. Any thoughts are much appreciated, thank you x

Badders123 Wed 12-Apr-17 17:46:57

If it's what I had Over Xmas and new year you have my sympathy!!
I was ill for 9 weeks
I also have cfs from many years ago when I had glandular fever
I would suggest heading over to the mc/cfs thread
The basics are;
More rest
Vitamins are a good idea - many people
With cfs sweat by omega 3 oils and magnesium
Bland food that she can digest easily
If she is in pain paracetamol or soluble co codamol
Heat pads are good
Try and spend a few more minutes out of bed each day
If she is too tired to read audio books are great
Box sets to watch
Good luck

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