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Allergic Reaction to Suncream

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PasDevantLesElephants Mon 10-Apr-17 20:04:48

Hello, just wondered if anyone had any helpful advice to make my DS (he's 2) a bit more comfortable after an allergic reaction to some suncream on Saturday.

His arms and cheeks are quite red and covered with hundreds on tiny spots which seem itchy. He's had Piriton and U've moisturised with some of DD's cetraben cream but it's still as bad 48 hours later.

What about hydrocortisone, would that help? I wasn't sure because of it being his face. Any advice happily received so I don't have to spend tomorrow feeling guilty about forgetting his hypoallergic suncream when we went out!

Twopeapods Mon 10-Apr-17 22:23:04

I would no to the pharmacist in the morning. We have used hydrocortisone cream on and off for DD1 since she was about 12 months prescribed by GP, but I'm not sure if the pharmacist can give them. She takes allergies to creams etc, and was very bad with itchy spots from having viruses. She's now 5 and haven't used it in a while now.

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