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Flat foot / orthotics now needed age 12- positional talipes as a baby

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readthethread Wed 05-Apr-17 18:26:23

DD age 12 has been complaining of a pain in her foot.
i took her to see a podiatrist today - apparently she has one very flat foot. When she was born she did have talipes - but with a bit of massage from dh they opened out and straightened out within days, certainly well before the 6 week check when the GP asked about them from the birth notes, we had mostly forgotten all about it it went so quickly and easily.

however the podiatrist said the flat foot is very common in children with talipes and she will now need orthotics in shoes. the podiatrist is surprised she's been ok until now as her foot is very flat - she has tended to favour very supportive shoes over fashion.

i wish we had done more when she was born, is there anything we could/should have done?

any advice on a flat foot / orthotics / exercises she could do?


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