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Mottled skin- anyone else's baby have this?

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Smith31117 Tue 04-Apr-17 17:59:00

Hi, I took my baby to the doctor today-reflux related- however when the doctor was examining her she said the skin on her chest was very mottled- her hands and forearms also. Her hands often are but I'd put that down to developing circulation. The doctor took her temperature, listened to her chest, heart, checked her ears and throat-all ok. She then suggested a urine sample would be a good idea- I have to do this tomorrow as we'd missed the days collection. My baby is 9 weeks old, gaining weight well, had colic, mild reflux and a possible cows milk intolerance. When she's awake she's very alert and when she isn't feeling uncomfortable (from the above) she's smiling, laughing and loves to play. I just wondered whether anyone else's baby had skin like this and if a doctor had been concerned or if there was a health reason for it? Thanks

Sunshineandlaughter Tue 04-Apr-17 21:44:39

Mine had mottled skin when she was very unwell (suspected sepsis) but she had other symptoms too.

She still often gets mottled skin now when she is otherwise unwell or has high blood pressure (this is from a kidney problem - not something babies normally get).

Does she always have it or does it come and go with cold/being a bit dehydrated?

I think it's quite common for babies to get a bit of mottling but always take her back if you feel worried about her.

How have they diagnosed a milk allergy at 9 weeks old? This seems a bit odd to me....

Smith31117 Tue 04-Apr-17 22:38:39

Thanks. It does come and go- with temperature changes, when she's crying a lot etc. It appeared on her chest the minute the doctor loosened her top to listen to her chest. I'm hoping her urine test results one back clear but I'll definitely keep an eye on it!

The milk intolerance they've diagnosed purely on the basis that they tested her on some formula (I breastfeed and top up on formula due to earlier feeding issues) and her colic symptoms were reduced using this formula. The doctor who prescribed this said we'd talk about tests etc when he sees her for her 3 month immunisations! So we'll see!!!

tessiebear4 Tue 04-Apr-17 22:48:12

One of mine had this for about the first year, hands especially. As he was otherwise completely well, I never thought to investigate blush. Can remember when it went away but it obviously did. I'm no expert though, so definitely check with an HCP.

Sunshineandlaughter Wed 05-Apr-17 02:50:10

Yeah I'd probably not worry unless there were other symptoms too but do keep an eye on her.

Smith31117 Wed 05-Apr-17 08:37:33

Thanks. I'll drop her urine sample in today and see what results we get and keep an eye on her. I've googled it which was a mistake as I've got one extreme to another which isn't good for an anxious first time mum! Fingers crossed though!

MumTo2GirlsDT Thu 06-Apr-17 18:01:32

My lg is 11 months old and has always had mottled skin especially her legs and feet. The docs have commented a couple of times but when ive said its always like that they say its fine. Apparently some babies just have it but do grow out of it. I wouldn't worry if shes otherwise healthy - btw my lg was Cows milk protein intolerant aswell maybe its a sign/symptom of it x

Smith31117 Fri 07-Apr-17 06:04:17

Thanks. She certainly seems otherwise ok. It's happened since birth and no one else-doctors, midwife, health visitor has commented. It could be connected to cows milk intolerance- I'd not thought of that. I'm hoping to get the result of her sample today so will see from there I guess. Thanks again

isthistoonosy Fri 07-Apr-17 06:10:16

My 3 (almost 4) yr old has mottled skin its never been commented on by doctors etc and he seems fine so I've never looked onto it.

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