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Incessant evening coughing 4 yr old

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eastwest Mon 03-Apr-17 20:05:58

Just that. 4 yr old starts coughing as soon as he gets home, not a chesty cough, just a dry machine-gunny sort of cough. More like clearing his throat, in fact, not really a cough. It has been going on for ages. he doesn't seem ill otherwise (aside from a bit blocked up in his nose). No fever or anything that would make me worry. I assumed it was just the cold/cough of the winter, which my husband has also had for months (and which we both had for months last year) and would eventually clear up. But it hasn't. Any ideas? Asthma? I asked the teacher and she says he doesn;t cough at school. But he says he does cough at school. (He is 4. He may not be reliable).

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