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Temperature whilst teething?

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Thistledew Wed 29-Mar-17 12:17:41

DS is 8 months old. He is cutting his upper teeth (one erupted about 5 days ago and the other is obviously imminent).

Over the past 2-3 weeks he has had a bit of a runny nose (not continuously) and a bit of a cough. He has been very drooly. I put the cough down to irritation from the mucous, and the mucous down to the pain of the teeth. About 10 days ago he had about 24 hours of a temperature but no other symptoms. It responded to calpol and he has been his usual energetic self since.

Today the temperature is back.

I have an appointment with the gp this afternoon, but was wondering if this could simply be due to cutting the second tooth?

He had a rotten cold (we all did) when he cut his bottom teeth, so I can't really say if he reacted the same way then.

Twopeapods Wed 29-Mar-17 22:51:10

How did you get on at the GPs?
DD1 ALWAYS had a temp when cutting a tooth. Fairly high, and occasional runny nose. The front ones were the worst and the molars were no problem.
DD2 has a runny nose and bum but never a temp.
Both get a red cheek.

I think some children cope better than others. I found the Ashton and parsons was great with DD2. But the gel was better for DD1. Bit of trial and error I think.

Thistledew Thu 30-Mar-17 09:05:43

Thanks for the reply. GP found nothing wrong. Slight redness in one ear canal but not enough to treat. She rather dismissed the idea that it could be caused by teething.

DS seems back to top form today. We are supposed to go to a swimming class- it feels wrong to take him as he was ill yesterday but he has so much energy to burn and really enjoys going.

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