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Head lice advice!

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MrsStinkey Wed 29-Mar-17 12:07:31

DD1 came from school yesterday with head lice. I check her daily so know she only got them yesterday but I stripped all her and DD2's bedlinen last night and boil washed as a precaution plus all towels etc. So my question, I treated with an overnight lotion and washed then nitty gritty combed the hair this morning. Should I also strip and wash all bedlinen again? i got a few dead ones from DD1 when combing this morning and nothing at all from DD2.

AfroPunk Wed 29-Mar-17 12:18:25

Head lice are a pain; we had about a 4 week break out last year as my daughters kept getting them from kids at school. The cycle only broke due to the Easter hols.

I have read it's unnecessary to boil wash ben linen/soft toys/towels, etc, because of headlice. Personally, I would wash pillowcases and towels as they have been in direct contact with the hair, but nothing else. A 40 degree wash should suffice. Anyway, the lice don't live long outside the body, so blitzing your home is just unnecessary hard work.

We got rid of them by using Headrin and similar products - wash on, leave in for 5 mins or so, wash off and nit comb. Then nit comb the next day; wash again in Headrin if live lice found, and repeat. We all became experts in keeping our heads away from each other! The Headrin leaves hair very well conditioned, even though it's a bit whiffy going on.

Good luck getting rid of them 🙂

MrsStinkey Wed 29-Mar-17 12:45:09

Thank you! They're all gone today I think I caught them before they had much of a chance to reproduce. Going to check every day as o have been and nitty gritty every hair wash as well just in case. The treatment I used Jill's everything and you repeat after 7 days so will do that as well next week. Will just whip DD1s pillowcase off this time!

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