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Breathing advise

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MissAmEdwards Fri 24-Mar-17 11:10:33

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To cut a long story short our son since birth has always had a cough and bad wheezing. When taking him to doctors I was always told there is nothing wrong, his breathing is a little fast but nothing to worry about, along with other ridiculous diagnoses.

He is now 9 going on 10months and in the end we went private and we have a paediatrician appointment on Monday, to get the ball rolling the doctor got him to have bloods and a chest X-ray

She can't diagnose anything as it's not her field which I fully understand but said there is something there but we have to wait till Monday to talk to the specialist.

I was just wondering if anyone has said the same or similar results:


fluffy airspace shadowing emanating from the right hilum into the right lung and in the left upper zone consistent with lower respiratory tract inflammation. Mild hyperinflated lungs. Normal cardiothymic outline.

Bloods (the ones that aren't normal):
MCV - 70.2 fl
MCH - 23.2
Hypochromic RBC% - 9.9%
Lymphocytes - 2.79 10*9/L

She said that the anaemia one is low but could because he is unwell

MissAmEdwards Fri 24-Mar-17 11:19:05

Also could this be the cause of his lack of sleeping during the night? He's waking up 3-4 times in the night, he has some milk but goes back off to sleep, he really cries and screams and he's such a happy baby so this is not normal for him

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