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Please help...

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Pinklady1982 Fri 24-Mar-17 00:10:12

DD 4 years old woke up crying in pain about an hour ago, she is complaining about her ear and throat, but doesn't really have a temp. I have given her calpol in case it's an ear ache/sore throat, but she still keeps crying in pain an hour later and am hoping someone may have some helpful tips of something I can do at home to help comfort her?

Any advice would be great, thank you!

Longji Fri 24-Mar-17 00:16:49

If you've got one of those microwaveable heat pads or a hot water bottle (not boiling obv) that can give some relief to earache. If she's still crying after calpol I'd give nurofen too.

WicksEnd Fri 24-Mar-17 00:20:18

I'd second giving some nurofen too. Ideally go calpol, then 2 hrs later nurofen, two hrs later calpol so she always has some pain relief in her system.
Keep a chart as it's ver easy to forget th time you gave it, so jot it down.
Hope she's better soon.

CurlyhairedAssassin Fri 24-Mar-17 00:23:39

Yes don't forget you can give both paracetamol and nurofen.

Sympathy - I remember one awful night a few years back when my son had an ear infection only I didn't know it. It seemed to go from being a bit sore to being extremely painful through the night in the space of a few hours. He was crying on and off for a good few hours and it was waking him from sleep despite pain killers. Then all of a sudden the pain subsided and he just went calmly to sleep.

In the morning I noticed discharge from his ear and on the pillow. He was fine in himself but obviously I took him to the gp ASAP who confirmed a burst eardrum and gave antibiotics. they said that the pain can be awful while the pressure of pus inside the ear drum builds up, and then is totally relieved once it bursts.

I'm not saying your DD has an ear infection as I'm no medic but it's something to watch out for. Bless her, it's awful seeing them holding their ear and crying "ow, ow, ow" with a miserable face.

Pinklady1982 Fri 24-Mar-17 00:24:54

Oh damn I haven't got nurofen sad but I do have one of those microwaveable soft toys which she loves, so could try that and she will hopefully be happy just cuddling that up to her ear. If all fails i will go out to a garage to see if I can get nurofen for her. Thank you ladies x

Pinklady1982 Fri 24-Mar-17 00:29:19

Thanks Curly, oh bless your ds sad it's so awful isn't it, you must have been so upset that he was in so much pain. She has actually just started snoring while I'm sitting on the floor next to her bed and holding her hand, so hoping she will stay asleep now. Think she may have just got herself a bit wound up and upset from it x

Pinklady1982 Fri 24-Mar-17 01:49:17

I thought she was out of it for the night, but just as I start drifting off to sleep she wakes up crying again sad she looks so sad and I keep asking what will make her feel better, and she says nothing mummy just cuddles. She is just wimpering now and refusing to try and go back to sleep. I have to get up and drive to work at 6:30, don't know how I will be able to function!

Pinklady1982 Fri 24-Mar-17 01:50:08

But most of all I just want to take the pain away from her sad

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